Agent Choice of Property Lawyer

Trusted to guide and assist the client through the entire conveyancing process.

Personal Service

Provided by an experienced conveyancer with whom the client and agent can communicate by phone, email, post or through our secure client portal.

Regular Updates

Pro-actively delivered as the transaction progresses via email supplemented by our innovative mio App keeping agent and client in touch with the progress of the chain.

Shared Information

Great communication is at the heart of what we do and enabling the conveyancer and estate agent to work closely together ensures that the client is kept in the loop every step of the way.

Unique Service Pledge

Other solicitors may say they provide a great service but our solicitors go further and provide a written service pledge the client can rely on.

Get Moving Quicker

As transaction times get longer and longer, we have developed streamlined digital processes which enable the client to move into their new home, up to three weeks quicker than the national average.

Client benefits

No-move, no-fee conveyancing

Fixed fees - for client peace of mind

Detailed, transparent and compliant Quotations

Full chain transparency delivered by the mio App

FREE Search Guarantee – 2nd set free to purchaser

FREE EPC’s for sellers

Dedicated, tried & tested High Street Property Lawyers

Published Service Pledge

Secure Client Portal

Delivering value

Speeding up the process


Getting the vendor “Seller Prepared”


Bottom Line Profit - How much?

How much?

Speeding up the process

Our innovative approach to the conveyancing process, which includes unique digital forms, soon to be released block chain technology and multiple channel integrated communication systems, combine to ensure no time is wasted and all parties remain constantly in touch to ensure a seamless and smoother move.

Our stated intention is to speed up the conveyancing process and improve the client and agent experience taking the stress out of moving home.

How do we deliver?

  • On listing a property for sale, the agent can use our on-line system to create a fully detailed and co- branded conveyancing quote for the seller.
  • Alternatively, the quote can be created by our experienced telephone Sales Desk who will speak to the client on the agent’s behalf.
  • Over 80% of our quotes are accepted.
  • The agent instructs their preferred conveyancing partner to get the client “Seller Prepared”.
  • TPS invites the client to the Client Portal enabling them to access the conveyancers Welcome Pack and complete online.
  • The mio App ensures the client is always in the loop decreasing anxiety and stress and unnecessary contact with agent and conveyancer.
  • Immediately a purchase is instructed, TPS takes the Search Pack funds from the client and orders the Search Pack directly providing this to the conveyancer electronically.
  • To avoid duplication TPS provides instant, single process AML checks shared by agent and conveyancer.
  • FREE EPC’s can be provided by our national network of DEA’s.
  • mio enables agents and clients to instantly track the progress of their chain as it moves to a successful conclusion.
  • The Portal also provides a secure platform for conveyancer & client communication, document viewing and signature and money transfer.
  • Soon to be released Case Management and CRM integration securely connecting all parties in the property transaction.

Getting the vendor “Seller Prepared”

How do we deliver?

  • Our conveyancing partners have signed a service level agreement which requires them, immediately they receive the client’s instruction from us, to take the necessary steps to make the vendor “Seller Prepared.”
  • The Client will be automatically invited to the TPS secure Client Portal where they can complete the solicitors Welcome Pack in digital form.
  • This will provide all the information needed by the instructed conveyancer to enable them to prepare the draft contract and supporting paperwork.
  • As soon as a buyer is found the draft contract can be submitted to a buyer’s solicitors immediately – literally shaving weeks off the time it takes to move home.

Bottom Line Profit - How much?

You choose!

  • Flexible referral fee set by you, on a case-by-case basis.
  • In 2021 our top performing single office estate agency branch earned in the region of £35,000.
  • The vast majority of their sales and purchases were handled by their selected local High Street lawyers.
  • They instruct their sellers at point of listing to ensure they are “seller prepared”
  • All onward purchases automatically earn a second referral fee!
  • A Separate staff incentive scheme is in place with Love to Shop providing additional financial benefits directly to staff instructing our service.